Project Details

Strategic Vision

CRYPTASC Phase I helped to confirm that the ICT market is in great need for innovative cryptographic solutions such as those exploiting quantum physics. However the market demands first the solutions that reinforce the current network infrastructure without disturbing it, that is, the market is not ready for a complete quantum infrastructure. Due to the rapid increase of data traffic, these new solutions must function at ultra-high speed to comply with the ICT market of tomorrow.

CRYPTASC Phase II is committed to focus on developing solutions in information security that exploit the properties of quantum information locally, without a need to send quantum signals over the network communication lines. This approach is very different from the strategy chosen by other universities involved in the valorization of quantum cryptography which focus on secure quantum networks based on QKD. The advantage of our approach is that it may use existing network infrastructure and is expected to be easily integrated within the existing information security products and services.

This refocusing of the project at the second phase on the objectives with highest valorization potential led to restructuring of the consortium, which now consists of three Partner Labs from two universities: ULB-QuIC, VUB-TONA B-PHOT, and ULB-QualSec.

On the valorization issues, CRYPTASC Phase II closely collaborates with the spin-off of ULB, SQR-Technologies, specialized in quantum technologies-enabled security, in particular quantum random number generators. It was founded as a result of project SeQuR in the framework of the program « Spin off in Brussels » (SOIB call 2007) aimed at the creation of spin-offs in the Brussels-Capital Region. The cut between CRYPTASC and SeQuR is “horizontal”, in the sense that the aspects which are the closest to valorization, especially the quantum random number generator, are developed by SQR-Technologies, while more conceptual proof-of-principle aspects are treated in CRYPTASC.

CRYPTASC II Workpackages